What is a doula?

You’ve likely hired a midwife or an OBGYN to act as your medical guide through pregnancy and birth. Their primary job, and that of anyone on your medical team, is to make sure your baby is developing safely up until you are holding that little one and to care for you in the immediate postpartum.

So then what is the role of your doula? Think of your doula as the person you hire to hold YOU throughout that journey. A doula can offer the tools that birthing and postpartum families need to navigate pregnancy; support during labor on an emotional, physical, spiritual and logistical level; and tender care for you and your family in the postpartum months to follow.

You may know us for hip squeezes and back massages during labor. But, we’re also here to honor your birth wishes, remind you of your power, encourage your partner, and shower your family with love so that you have the best possible start to life with your new little(s).

See my packages listed below for additional details on what services I offer.

Who is Great Oaks Doula?

Moira Madsen

I am a trained birth and postpartum doula, with over 4 years of educational background, 2 years of experience in birth work, and began midwifery school in 2023. I am passionate about providing my clients with the many tools available to them for their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. I particularly love building community and sharing local resources. I also specialize in navigating medical insurance coverage, California Paid Family Leave, and Employer Parental Leave options.

I am mother of two rambunctious little boys, and one girl. In my free time, I love hiking, gardening, watching rugby, playing at the beach, and traveling

Packages I Offer

Acorn- $300

  • Informed support creating your pregnancy and birth plan
  • 3 hours of in-person or virtual meetings to discuss questionnaire and preferences
  • Referrals and discounts to local providers to support your pregnancy, birth and postpartum plan

Sapling- $800

  • Acorn package, plus:
  • Additional prenatal visit at 36 weeks
  • Unlimited text/call support from 38 – 42 weeks
  • In-person birth doula support

Oak- $1000

  • Sapling package, plus:
  • 2 postpartum home visits, 1 hour each
  • Postpartum care package

Grove- $1550

  • Oak package, plus:
  • 15 hours of postpartum doula support
  • Each additional hour- $35

Arborist- $600+

  • Postpartum care including, but not limited to, housework, meal prep, lactation support, infant care, sibling support
  • Minimum 15 hours
  • $35 for each additional hour


  • CA Paid Family Leave and Employer Leave policy navigation- $100
  • Insurance Coverage Navigation- $100
  • Birth Sibling Support- In-home childcare or in-person support during labor- $20 hourly rate
  • Cloth diapering consultation- $100

Questions and Testimonials

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